CSS3 Support Still Spotty

When it comes to some of the useful CSS3 candidate properties we’d like to take advantage of for our website’s upcoming redesign, the expansion of possible values for the “`background-repeat“` property is of the more noteworthy. In particular, the values “`space“` and “`round“` promise to clean things up quite a bit from the point of view of making backgrounds more responsive, thereby broadening the scope of their use.

However, browser support for the “`space“` and “`round“` values of the “`background-repeat“` property, as of this writing, remains limited. Chrome seems to have the features down, and Opera does as well. IE9 even purportedly does as well; but Firefox and Safari are behind: WebKit has implemented them but evidently Apple has not yet integrated it, and they’re still an open ticket on the Mozilla development tracker. Ah, life on the bleeding edge.

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