The Chili

Ingredients 1/2 to 1lb ground veal, beef, or turkey 1 large onion, chopped several cloves of garlic (to taste), chopped 1 large carrot, finely chopped (optional) 1-3 stalks celery, finely sliced (optional) 1/2 each, green and red bell pepper, chopped (optional) 1-2 hot peppers (jalapeño, serrano, habanero, to taste) 1 small can Old El Paso […]

CSS3 Support Still Spotty

When it comes to some of the useful CSS3 candidate properties we’d like to take advantage of for our website’s upcoming redesign, the expansion of possible values for the “`background-repeat“` property is of the more noteworthy. In particular, the values “`space“` and “`round“` promise to clean things up quite a bit from the point of […]

The A9F1BDF1DAB1NVT4F4F59 Wireless Access Point Mystery

The ad-hoc network with SSID of A9F1BDF1DAB1NVT4F4F59 appears all over our office building. I see it as an option in my wireless network chooser as I write this on my laptop, but not on either of my mobile devices; connecting to it requires a WEP password/key, but any character combination appears to work. Strangely, once […]

Hey Facebook, Where Are All the Sharing Image Choices?

Most publishers who care about maximizing traffic to their websites take advantage of their visitors’ sharing habits on social networks. In its most basic form, sharing takes place when a reader copies the link for a page they liked, and pastes it into a Facebook status update or a tweet on Twitter. Until a month […]

That Pesky Blank Open Graph Image on Your Posts

Recently, we noticed an issue with Facebook sharing of posts from our site: our posts, when shared on Facebook, would appear in the sharing preview without a thumbnail image – in spite of all the word we’d done in the past to provide not only an image but a choice of images. Alarming at […]

An Inconspicuous Event

It would have been any other day at work: the hungry consensus settled on take-out sushi for lunch, from our local favorite Super Fusion.  Three of us ordered, two of us went to pick up and bring it back; I drove this time and paid for two of them, spotting for the guy back at […]

Shortcuts, Conclusion

Today was the day.  Having concluded that a more comprehensive approach would be simpler, I generated a list of URLs with post IDs, saved it to a file, and used wget to retrieve the redirection information from the blog site: wget -i numerical-urls.txt –server-response –spider –max-redirect=0 wget seems to have trouble sending the server responses […]

Shortcuts, Part 3

With two files full of pre-prepared calls to the Disqus API, it’s time to fire up wget. We test a couple URLs from our files first, to make sure we’re getting responses we can work with.  But by default, wget saves its output to a file – so we output to the terminal (stdout) instead, […]

Shortcuts, Part 2

First things first: create a step-by-step to-do list of what I’ll be doing to merge these Disqus threads: I need to look up the JSON objects for 1200+ threads – by disqus_identifier – to determine what URL is associated with each one.  Ideally, I’ll end up with two files: one that has all the JSON […]