Shortcuts, Conclusion

Today was the day.  Having concluded that a more comprehensive approach would be simpler, I generated a list of URLs with post IDs, saved it to a file, and used wget to retrieve the redirection information from the blog site: wget -i numerical-urls.txt –server-response –spider –max-redirect=0 wget seems to have trouble sending the server responses […]

Shortcuts, Part 3

With two files full of pre-prepared calls to the Disqus API, it’s time to fire up wget. We test a couple URLs from our files first, to make sure we’re getting responses we can work with.  But by default, wget saves its output to a file – so we output to the terminal (stdout) instead, […]

Shortcuts, Part 2

First things first: create a step-by-step to-do list of what I’ll be doing to merge these Disqus threads: I need to look up the JSON objects for 1200+ threads – by disqus_identifier – to determine what URL is associated with each one.  Ideally, I’ll end up with two files: one that has all the JSON […]